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Want to save money on your heating bills this winter?

You’ve probably already noticed a chill in the air. While you can’t change the cold British weather, you can still make sure you stay warm and toasty within your home.

Burston Gas Services Ltd have our top tips to keep your house warm this winter and save you money on your heating bills.

1. Pipe lagging

(Insulating hot water pipes with foam tubes) keeps the water inside your pipes hotter for longer and protects against the cold weather. It also makes your heating and hot water much more efficient as both stay warmer for longer. You can buy pipe lagging from a number of different brands such as Kingspan, Armaflex and SuperFOIL and can be purchased from any DIY store and fit it in seconds with no tools required.

2. Get your boiler serviced

A boiler service is not a quick job however regular servicing will make your boiler last longer and work more efficiently – the engineer will want to inspect and clean the boiler thoroughly to discover if there are any underlying issues or damaged components that require a repair.

3. Know your ideal temperature

It’s easy to turn the thermostat all the way up when it’s freezing cold but what temperature should your home be? Set your main room thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature which typical is somewhere between 18°C and 21°C.It’s also a good idea to set your thermostat to one temperature and then use a timer to turn it on and off when you need the heating most. That way you won’t waste excess energy from leaving the heating on too high, for too long. Using a smart thermostat to control your heating from your mobile or tablet makes saving energy even easier.

4. Bleed your radiators

Check your radiators are heating all the way to the top. If they aren’t, the chances are you need to bleed your radiator.

Trapped air at the top of radiators causes the hot water from rising. Simply use a radiator bleed key from any DIY store to open the little valve at the top. You should hear air hiss from the valve and as soon as you see a drip of water, close it up again.

5. Power Flushing

Using high powered water pressure and a chemical blend, power flushing removes the build up of sludge from the bottom of your radiators. This clears the pipework and allows the hot water to flow more evenly and efficiently through the heating system. Unlike a boiler service, this is not something you need to do annually, since the sludge takes a little while to build up to problematic levels. Once every 5 or so years is usually fine to keep your central heating in good working condition.

If you have any queries about how you can save money on your heating bills this winter speak to Emilio, call 07730 369620 or send us a message using our contact form.